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 Dungeon crawling, deck building and … Minigolf?

Golfie is a completely new way to get that minigolf fix! An innovative mix of roguelite dungeon crawlers, deck builders and of course mini golf sees the player in procedurally generated levels using fun skills, items and effects that put a unique spin on the beloved staple of gaming. It’s familiar, yet crazy and new!

Cards & Abilities

Perks give you permanent upgrades, and cards allow you to build exactly the shot you need, with crazy abilities you’ve never seen in a golf game before!

Procedural Levels

A combination of handcrafted design and procedural generation combine to make challenging levels that are both fun and unique!

Physics based fun

We all know that it’s just simply fun to galaxy brain that crazy angle that lands the shot. This game lets you prove that you are a master of physics (and explosions)!

Who are we?

Triheart Studio is a tiny indie game studio that focuses on making fun games that with unique and creative ideas.

We are currently working on our first commercial title GOLFIE⛳.

Sandra Fagerli

Sandra Fagerli

CEO, Artist, Co-founder of Triheart Studio

A true firespirit that makes things happen, painter of concepts, manager of things.
Jacob Lynggaard Olsen

Jacob Lynggaard Olsen

Creative Director, Developer, Co-founder

Master of getting things to work, code architecture nerd, tool master. Bonus flair for sound.


Chief Executive Woofer

Woof, grrr, rrrrrrrrrr
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